I’ve been following photographer Jared Polin for a couple of years now, mainly on his YouTube channel and blog.  I actually got to meet him and work with him a couple of months ago when he did his show at the Video Blocks headquarters in Reston, VA.  My payment for that work (reseting his cameras, helping with merchandise sales, packing up) was a 1-year subscription to Audio Blocks.

Recently, Fro ran a contest to promote Video Blocks, Audio Blocks, and Graphic Stock (all the same company).  The idea: take a video you’ve shot and add music or sound effects from Audio Blocks, extra video from Video Blocks, or images from Graphics Stock.

My entry is something I’ve been kicking around in my head for a couple of months.  My Lab Hercules loves to play fetch (he’s a Retriever, duh…)  Every so often, he’ll catch the ball after a bounce or two.  I wanted to get video of this and put it online.  Fro’s contest encouraged me to get to work with it, and add music and sound effects to it.

The goal was to get 3 camera angles: 2 from the yard where he’d be catching the ball and one from his perspective using that atrocious GoPro Fetch dog harness.  I attempted to use my 2 GoPro Hero 3 Silver cameras for the yard shots, but they’re just terrible cameras for focusing on specific subjects.  They’re great for wide-angle, fish-eye sort of shots, but it’s not what I needed.

So, I broke out my older Sony Digital Handy-cams and set them up during attempt #2.  They shoot in AVCHD format which is a pain in the ass to work with.  But they’re able to zoom and focus in much more tightly than the GoPros could.

Equipment used:

  • 2 Sony Digital Handy-cams
  • GoPro Fetch dog harness
  • GoPro Hero Session camera
  • 81 lb, 21-month old yellow Labrador Retriever

We played for about 6 or 7 minutes, and of that I took 3 of the retrieves.  One of which is sort-of a blooper retrieve to add a bit of humor to the video.  But Herc’s a good sport, he didn’t mind.