The Site

One of my part-time hobbies is uploading videos to YouTube.  They’re usually either:

  • Gaming (currently Rainbow 6: Siege and Star Citizen)
  • Driving at the Race Track
  • My Labrador Retrievers Hercules and Zeus

This site will be used to provide more text around the videos.


When asked, “What do you do?” in reference to my career, I usually answer, “I hide the bodies.”  The idea is to see if the person grasps the joke and to see how they respond to it.  Usually people miss it completely.

I don’t hide the bodies (I leave them out in the open!)  Instead, I’m a seasoned (that means: old) Network Engineer/Architect with a lot of experience in the service provider world.  I spent a lot of years working for AOL, Comcast, and am currently at Verisign, primarily as a Data Center Network guy.

In other words: I’m a geek.  Yes, I can actually spell BGP.

Gaming Rig

Click here for my gaming rig description.